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Presented at the Dutch NLVMUG UserCon 2018

As I already annouced at the Dutch FlexVirtual website my colleague Peter Oudman and myself presented at the Dutch VMUG UserCon 2018 earlier this year. The session was titled: “Howto make an automated clone of your production environment using vRO and NSX”. We were very excited as this was our first VMUG session. A lot […]

The Nutanix Journey

Me and my colleagues at FlexVirtual spotted Nutanix some time ago, I believe it was at VMworld Europe 2012 I heard of Nutanix for the first time. In June of 2013 Nutanix announced the presence in The Netherlands by hiring a movie theater in Amsterdam and appealing to the techies among us by showing the […]

Designing vSphere Platforms for Maximum Tier 1 Application Performance #BCA2817

On VMworld at Tuesday I attended the session “Designing vSphere Platforms for Maximum Tier 1 Application Performance #BCA2817” by Mark Achtemichuk and Reza Taheri. I summarized the key take aways from this session below: vSphere version When having the option, use at least vSphere 4.1 because of the major performance gain over earlier versions of […]