Category: virtualization

Public Beta VMmark released

Last thursday (april 12th 2007), VMware released the public beta of VMmark. VMmark is the first benchmark for quantifying the performance of virtualized environments. It features a novel tile-based scheme for measuring the scalability of consolidated workloads and provides a consistent methodology that captures both scalability and individual application performance. VMmark is meant to measure […]

Viridian beta and Virtual Server R2 SP 1 delayed

Today on the Windows Server Division Weblog, Mike Neil General Manager of Virtualization Strategy at Microsoft officially announced the delay in both the final version of virtual server R2 SP1 and the public beta of windows server virtualization (aka Viridian). Viridian was scheduled for the first half of 2007 but now is moved to the second half, virtual […]

Longhorn & Virtualization demo

A new Microsoft Technet BLOG created to replace a distribution list published a link to a video on the Microsoft site. Quoting the Blog: "This 5 minute video provides a sneak preview of Windows Server Virtualisation – a hypervisor-based virtualisation platform being developed as an integrated part of Windows Server Longhorn and due for release within 180 […]