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VMware Links Collection

A collegue pointed me to this forum thread in the VMTN-forum. It looks like Eric (aka esiebert) had some spare time. Eric collected a huge amount of links covering diverse subjects related to VMware. Lots of useful links. If you have time click on the link and see for yourself. Technorati tags: VMware, VMTN, Virtualization, VMware Links

VMware Symposia 2007

In the months May to July 2007 VMware origanizes several one-day-events in cities throughout Europe. The events are meant to "stimulate the exchange of viewpoints and strategies among industry experts and leaders who are harnessing the power of virtualization" Read more and register here.

VMware launches TCO Calculator

VMware has launched an online TCO Calculator (free). With this tool you can roughly estimate what the return on investment (ROI) when you implement VMware Infrastructure. It delivers a detailed report containing possible cost-savings (less low-end servers, less cooling, less powerconsumption). It is a user friendly tool to help users to get an overview on cost-savings when using VI-3. […]

MS Virtual Server R2 SP1 RC available

From James O’Neill’s Blog: The Release Candidate build of Virtual Server R2 SP1 is now available Before anyone posts a comment, yes I’m aware that we said we planned to have SP1 out in the first quarter and it is April now, so we’ve missed that. You’re welcome to speculate on the final release date. […]

VMware Lab Manager 2.5 Beta released

Yesterday I was informed that the 2.5 beta version of VMware Lab Manager has been released. Just to remember what it is again: Lab Manager is a virtual lab automation system for development and test organizations that allows for rapid setup, storage, capture, and sharing of multi-machine software configurations. Lab Manager 2.5 Beta is now available. […]