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Release: VKernel Capacity Analyzer 3.0

VKernel just released Capacity Analyzer 3.0. In addition to showing bottlenecks in hosts, clusters, and resource pools, it now shows bottlenecks in VMs — both inside and outside of VMs. Even small environments have hundreds of VMs, causing ongoing monitoring and finding problems in each individual VM to be very time consuming. Capacity Analyzer 3.0 […]

Dutch VMUG meeting 2008 part 2

Lefthand Networks – John Spiers John Spiers co-founder of Lefthand Networks (LHN) elaborated about Virtual SAN’s in the Virtual Data Center. He started to mention the acquisition of Lefthand Networks by HP and showing a HP branded presentation. LHN was founded in 1999 and it was then they started selling ISCSI-based storage, even before the […]

Dutch VMUG meeting 2008 part 1

Opening Victor van den Berg opened the 2008 Dutch VMUG meeting by welcoming the crowd. With over 600 attendees a sold out event again. Victor showed some statistics about the VMUG activities and web site usage over the past year. Keynote Richard Garsthagen continued with the keynote, in which he gave an overview of the […]