Author: Gerben

Learning with VMware in 2007

New in 2007 new certification DSA (architecture & design) topics: command line console security advanced security more detailed coverage of items introduced in the install & configure course two new courses vi3 operator 2-day course vi3 overview 1-day course vi3 fasttrack(or bootcamp if you like) 5-day course covering the install & configure and the DSA […]

TSX 2007 Community Sneak Peak (keynote)

As part of the keynote Robert Dell’Immagine started with a question: How many people in the audience are familiar with the VMware Technology Network community? As expected a lot of people raised their hands, as a matter of fact almost everyone raised their hand. Robert continued annoucing a few nice and new things which will […]

TSX2007 EMEA update

Finally I found some time to write down some of the impressions and organize my notes taken at the sessions I attended. Oh boy, this TSX event is heavy. Luckily there is wireless so we can connect, but so little time to do so, thats if you want to attend a lot of session like I […]

Microsoft denies delay with Viridian

This week I received an email from an vmware employee with a link to an article about Microsoft Windows Longhorn’s Virtualization product called Viridian. The article stated that at MMS2007 Microsoft Spokesman Bob Muglia annouced that Viridian is delayed with a period of six months (180 days). Reading the article it suggested it was news. (ITPRO article) […]

TSX countdown has begun

Every year VMware organizes events, of which the TSX(Technical Solutions Exchange)-Europe is the only multi-day event which takes place in Europe. Only a couple of days left before my first visit to a TSX-event is a fact. Flight, hotel and event payment is confirmed so what can possibly go wrong? Fortunately the flight wont […]