RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR1 released


A couple of days ago RES Software released SR1 of RES Workspace Manager.  This release has significant improvements and enhancements especially for VDI scenario’s.

Here’s a list:

  • Cache optimization when processing application icons
  • Registry value to store RES Workspace Manager Agent cache updates in DBcache folder for non-persistent/pooled VDI
  • Deleting multiple applications from Application List tab supported
  • Improved startup time intercepted applications
  • Maximum instances increased to 30
  • Menu column added to Application List tabPossibility to move multiple applications at once to another menu
  • Process interception for Citrix XenDesktop 7 delivered applications improved
  • Filtering on “NOT in Zone” rules improved
  • New option “Change credentials” for Secondary datastore
  • Optimization when Datastore is updated with session information
  • Version number of RES Workspace Manager Revisions displayed in 4 digits
  • Improved notification message when web activation is not possible
  • Improvements when importing App-V 5 applications
  • Support for App-v applications pointing to a virtual environment
  • Environment Variables supported for Microsoft ConfigMgr packages
  • Option to disable auditing allowed write actions (removable disk security)
  • USB 3.0 hub supported (removable disk security)
  • User OU path and Computer OU path added to Event Log
  • Improved processing of User Settings with Zero Profile mode ‘Track any…’
  • New option “Restore Application to default configuration” for applications
  • Performance improvement in loading User Settings
  • Progress bar and Cancel button added to User Settings overview
  • New options “Log all visited websites” and “Export to file”
  • Workspace Branding enhanced
  • All RES Workspace Manager languages now supported
  • Improved handling of elevated applications
  • Option “Create new member” added to Members tab (Zones)

And a list with resolved issues, which I’m not going to cover (list too long)

I heard and experienced there were some issues with the pre-SR1 version, being not very stable and giving unexpected results. Hopefully this SR1 release will contribute to the stability of the platform. At least the VDI improvement for the cache is a huge step and that is great!

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