Open Storage Summit EMEA 2013 – Part 3 Cloud Panel Discussion

Cloud panel discussions

This session was a panel discussion about what the panelists are expecting to be the road to the “cloud”

The panelists:
Dataoppdrag – Ole Myhre
Shuberg Philis – Funs Kessen
Leaseweb – Marek Lubinski
WideXs – Paul Muller

Discussion leader:
Evan Powell – CSO, Founding CEO – Nexenta

Uses Cloudstack with nexenta for public cloud (shared). Enterprise grade is still using VMware (private cloud)

Shuberg philis
Uses one management interface for everything, and chose not to use VMware, starting out with XEN, now KVM and nexenta.
It’s depending on what you are going to use as workload. Traditional. they use Cloudstack as the one management platform.

Using VMware only and 90% of the workloads are Windows based.
Dataoppdrag is also using Nexenta. End users are typically small to medium businesses.

Runs VMware only and originated as a webhosting company. At that time and now still, VMware is a industry standard for them.
Also marketing related, VMware sounds reliable.

In short the subjects I was triggered on and picked up from this discussion.

Questions raised:

Q. Why do customers care about what is underneath?
A. Because they have to deliver a constant and guaranteed quality level of service

Q. Why open source versus ip (intellectual property?
A. Interoperability, depends on the need (functionality) of the customer.

Q. Do we still need HA?
A. Yes because the applications are running on top are not ready to solve it themselves. Ideally solve the availability at the highest level.

Q.Object or file storage?
A. The panelists are not using object storage widely at the moment, but are playing with it and expecting to do “something” with it in the near future. What about the purpose of  object storage? Use cases are as secondary storage (cold), long term storage and chunks of data. At least object storage is not suitable for storing vm’s on.

Q. NFS or iSCSI?

Update: recorded session available online now:

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