Open Storage Summit EMEA 2013 – Part 2 Software Defined Storage

Software defined storage
This session was presented by Robin Kuepers, Boardmember of Directors at SNIA  & Storage Marketing Director at DELL.
Side note based on previous presentors quiz: “Object based storage is something that you will have to look in to within 24 months or you will be too late. It is not new and will be very important in the future.”
Kuepers recognizes three trends:
  1. Cloud,
  2. Explosion of data
  3. Consumerisation of IT (BYO etc.)
Is a fact, it’s all around us, and I will not elaborate on that.
Data growth (explosion & consumerisation
Data growth in order of size and point in time (smallest and earliest first)
* Transactional data (financial, etc)
* human files (electronic patient records, pacs, photo’s)
* social interactions (social media twitter/facebook)
* machine generated data (sensors like smart thermostats, but also cars in constant contact with their manufacturer for example)
Software Defined Storage (SDS) has all the potential to become the next CIO agenda topic, it is related to Software Defined Networking and Software Defined Datacenter.
There is a need for:
  • Understanding             – Education
  • Business benefits        – Value proposition
  • Seeing opportunities – Positioning
  • Minimizing risks          – Services
What is SDS? The answer depends on who you ask, there are different explanations given by each different vendor.
But SDS can help out with data explosion, it also can reduce CAPEX, but there seems to be discussion about OPEX savings.
The ultimate goal is to turn arrays into APPS.
Software has always provided functionality to IT:
industry behavior
Proprietary technology – protecting/ legacy storage vendors
Standardizing – driving converge infrastructure/broad enterprise vendors
Industry standard – high community development/ open storage innovators
The sweet spot is between standardizing and industry standard.
The software defined storage is mainly focussed on cold/static data.
SDS will come in flavours:
Application/ vendor defined/ virtual machines/ SdSaaS (services)
SDS will be affordable and scalable.
Update: the recorded session is now available:

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