VMware vCenter Orchestrator classes coming to EMEA

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The coming months VMware Education Services will start to offer a training covering VMware vCenter orchestrator called “VMware vCenter Orchestrator: Develop Workflows [V4.1]” in EMEA.

This hands-on training course explores the use of VMware vCenter Orchestrator for the automation of IT processes, both physical and virtual.

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This three day classroom training will be held at different locations in EMEA such as: Frimley, UK; several locations in Germany; Paris, France; Vianen, Netherlands; Johannesburg, South Africa;

By the end of the course, you should gain an understanding of the features and functions of Orchestrator and be able to do the following:
• Install and configure Orchestrator
• Install and configure VMware vCenter Server™
• Use the Orchestrator client to browse vSphere objects
• Develop and run parameterized workflows
• Build workflows that call other workflows
• Use Orchestrator plug-ins to send email and to execute shell commands remotely
• Export and package workflows

This course is intended for:

• Orchestration specialists
• Middleware developers
• System integrators
• System administrators with scripting skills

For more information visit vcoportal (also for other location requests) or check the VMware mylearn portal

VMware vCenter Orchestrator is packaged with VMware vCenter Server (standard edition) and supports VMware vSphere. It requires no additional purchase to operate. (Comes for free with vCenter Standard!!!)

vCenter Orchestrator is the product VMware acquired with the acquisition of Dunes. It was then called “Dunes VS-O: Virtual Service Orchestration Software”. VMware’s (now retired) product Lifecycle Manager was built upon vCenter Orchestrator workflow technology.

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