VMworld Zoetermeer edition – KPN Consulting


On Wednesday October 5th, KPN consulting (formerly known as Getronics Consulting) organized a VMworld wrap-up session in their headquarters in Zoetermeer. The main part of the audience was KPN-staff, but also other people interested could attend this session. As a former KPN/Getronics employee it was nice to see some familiar faces again.

The evening was split up into three different parts.

Session 1: VMworld 2011 wrap-up by Jan Willem Lammers, VMware


This session by Jan Willem Lammers was about VMware’s cloud strategy (cloud infrastructure platform), the post-pc era and VMware technologies that are currently in development such as there are Project Horizon, Project Octopus, AppBlast and some of the technical enhancements that were not covered in session 3.  Also vCenter Operations was briefly touched, a product that is currently available and where will be focused on during VMworld Europe 2011 in about two weeks from now.

Session 2: “Mythbusters goes Virtual” by Eric Sloof, NTpro


After diner, Eric Sloof of NTPRO.nl continued with the hit session “Mythbusters Goes Virtual”. This session was ranked number 3 on the popular session list at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas. Eric will present at VMworld Europe 2011 in Copenhagen as well.

Session 3: vSphere 5 / View 5 : Whats new? by Rob Groenhuis, VMware


Session number three – the last session – covered most of the what’s new in VMware vSphere 5.0 and VMware View 5.0. Interesting point in the View part I want to address is the "View Media Services for Unified Communications”. The integration of UC and VDI by Avaya, Mitel and Cisco.

A useful session. Thank you KPN Consulting, Dustin Snijders and Wiebe Niehof for organizing this session.

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