VMware vSphere Client for iPad 1.2 available


Last week VMware released a new version of the VMware vSphere Client for the iPad: version 1.2. In this new version you can now vMotion VM’s by swiping them from one host to another and when doing that, you will hear an animated sound, to add some fun factor to it (can disable it though).

The enhancements in a glance:

  • Migrate virtual machines without downtime using vMotion. The feature is available via Host & VM action menus. Virtual machines can also be two-finger flicked/dragged from the Host detail view to enter vMotion mode
  • Ability to email vMotion validation error details to others
  • View task progress reporting on VM cards
  • Ability to refresh vCenter host list
  • Support for ESX 3.5
  • Support for VMware vSphere 5.0

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