Video and Photos of VMware Forum 2011 in Den Bosch (NL)

Today I visited VMware Forum 2011 in Den Bosch (NL). I calculated a long trip but fortunately there were no traffic jams along the route. I even got there before the initial ETA of the TomTom of my car. After a croissant and a black coffee it was time for the keynote.

Jeremy van Doorn acted as show host this morning and invited Willem van Enter on stage. Abstract from the keynote by Willem van Enter is: Cloud?, It’s Yours, Your Cloud, so do it the way you want. I recorded the Keynote by Willem van Enter (Regional Director VMware Benelux) on video (Dutch Spoken):

VMware Forum 2011 (Den Bosch, NL) Keynote Willem van Enter

Next on stage was VMware customer Brian Hayes (Euro/Asia Head of infrastructure at ING insurance) who gave his perspective on VMware and the Cloud.

During the day I shot some pictures. - View my 'VMware Forum 2011' set on Flickriver

I attended three breakout sessions. The first one by Rik Ferguson from Trend Micro, this was my most favorite session of the day because of the combination of the presenter, the subject and detail level. Nice thing to mention here is that the subject of the session originally (as in the printed booklet) had a 7 word long title and Rik shortened it to “Security that fits”. The biggest part of this session was about the offloading of virus scanning using agent less technology, the Deep Security product. The main thing about this session I took with me was the fact that the cloud can be secure, but you’ll have to make sure the individual virtual instances are protected as well as your data, to accomplish the data protection you’ll have to encrypt the data your storing in the cloud in a way others (i.e. other customers) cannot access you information. Also store the encryption keys in a separate secure place.

The next session by Willem van Engeland from VMware explained how to setup “Your Cloud” in this case a private cloud. The presentation was more or less about vCloud Director and the connector that can be used to connect different clouds (private or public) or even vSphere environments.

The last session I attended was about security and virtualization, in this session Richard Garsthagen from VMware spoke about the change in security when using virtualization and the journey to the cloud. Opportunities and products from VMware that are in place as vShield Edge and Endpoint where mentioned.

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