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A couple of months ago VMware released some whitepapers about running Exchange 2010 and MS SQL Server on VMware vSphere.

The VMware communities site has a spot called VIOPS where you can see posts from members in the community about recently posted documents. There are some nice documents available about virtualizing Exchange 2010 and SQL server 2008 on vSphere 4.1.

There are a couple on Exchange and a couple on SQL Server, for each product a “best practices document” and an “availability and recovery options” document.

On the bottom I added some other links related to virtualization of SQL and Exchange.

Exchange 2010 on VMware – Best Practices Guide

Exchange 2010 on VMware – Availability and recovery options

Exchange 2010 on VMware – Use Cases

Exchange 2010 on VMware – Design & Sizing Examples

Exchange 2010 on VMware – Support & Licensing

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Microsoft SQL Server on VMware – Best Practices Guide 

Microsoft SQL Server on VMware – Availability and Recovery Options

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On the following link you can find the four documents all together:


and here even more:

Business Critical Apps – Exchange – Resources

Other links for SQL& Exchange on vSphere:

Performance and Scalability of Microsoft® SQL Server® on VMware vSphere™ 4

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A presentation about virtualizing Tier 1 Applications on vSphere (i.e. Exchange & SQL) at DC VMUG

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A post by the lads at Xtravirt.com about SQL 2008 on Hyper-V

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VMworld content:

Design, Deploy & Optimize SQL Server on vSphere

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Microsoft’s reaction on running Exchange Server 2010 on VMware vSphere

Answering Exchange Virtualization Questions and Addressing Misleading VMware Guidance

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DELL has some whitepapers available about Exchange 2010 on vSphere with Equalogic storage underneath:

Sizing and Best Practices for Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 on VMware vSphere and Dell EqualLogic Storage

Virtualized Exchange 2010 Performance: Comparing Midrange Dell EqualLogic, HP LeftHand & Fibre Channel SANs

HP published a whitepaper about Exchange 2010 and storage, not directly a focus on virtualization, but it shows the evolution in IOPs needed comparing different versions of Exchange (2003/2007/2010). It shows 2010 really is less demanding on the IOPs side. Although it’s about HP storage you can filter out the info that applies to other storage vendors.

Here’s a great white paper talking about changes to Exchange 2010 and what it means for storage
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