Official Dutch VMUG event on 10th December 2010

SNAG- 9-11-2010 15.12.03

Like the previous editions the Dutch VMUG 2010 event will be held in December. On 10th December the 6th Official Dutch VMUG will be held in Nieuwegein, Netherlands.

The draft agenda (now 4 parallel tracks!) can be found on this link or click on the picture below.

SNAG- 13-11-2010 0.32.11

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend some really interesting sessions and meet the Dutch Bloggers that will attend the VMUG event. (click on the previous link to proceed to the list of Dutch Bloggers that will attend the show!)

An impression of last year’s (2009) crew photoshoot:

SNAG- 12-11-2010 23.41.14

This year the event is even more international than before, because of all the foreign bloggers/tweeps that will attend the show. Here are some of them (forgive me if I missed you):

  • Scott Herold (Quest) (vEcoShell)
  • Doug Hazelman (Veeam) vPower (not the fuel 😉 )
  • Ricky El-Qasem (Veeam)
  • Alan Renouf (EMC) (PowerCLI)
  • Scott Salyer (VMware) One of the original authors of the Exchange on VMware Best Practices and availability docs!!

Some of the sessions will actually be in English language.

There will also be a giveaway of an Iomega IX2 and some copies of ‘vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide: Shortcuts down the path of Virtualization’, to be entered in the prize draw you must attend the EMC-session by Alan Renouf.

Don’t hesitate, save the date: 10 December 2010 and if you have not registered yet:  register while you still can…
(to register (129 Euro ex taxes) you need an account on, but don’t worry the account is free!!)

It’s gonna be cool, so be there!!

UPDATE: VMware’s EMEA PSO team and the TS Cloud practice will be attending the Dutch VMUG more info : in Dutch (NL) or in English (EN/google translate)

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