VMworld Europe 2010 day 1: Partner day

Traditional the day before the conference starts, VMworld kick’s off with the partner day. This year the partner day is not on one day only, but there are sessions throughout the week targeted to VMware partners on how to improve their selling capabilities. So called solution tracks are available where VMware tries to help the partners in improving the process of client engagement with white boarding techniques etc.

SNAG- 12-10-2010 1.33.49

I will have another post on the keynote, but one thing I want to let you know already is:
In the beginning of 2011 VMware will launch a couple new technical certifications around desktops.

After the keynote I had a nice lunch and met several other bloggers. The next stop was at the labs. Because of the work in progress at the exhibition hall we were routed through a floor above, which gave us a nice view on the exibition hall being prepared for the opening tomorrow. Bellow are some pictures and a short video impression of the exhibition hall under construction.


In the lab area there were lots of VMware employee’s (the orange shirts in the picture below) eager to help every lab attendant in finding a chair. Willem van Engeland @willemuk was kind enough to pose in his orange shirt with button 😉

After being seated I did two labs:

LAB13 VMware vCloud Director – Install & Config
Cloud Director will deliver the infrastructure as a service platform of the vCloud. a Cool product but definitely in a 1.0 state at the moment. Only support for Oracle databases right now (rumours are that SQL will be supported shortly).

LAB24 VMware vSphere Performance & Tuning
This lab covered storage performance bottlenecks, CPU contentions and Memory over commitment issues. As an extra this lab included a preview of the Storage Performance analyzer, a virtual appliance running a website with which you can do performance test with iometer doing it in a standardized way while comparing it against a baseline you created earlier. Very nice.

During the LABS I was spotted by Duncan Epping (see Duncan’s post http://www.yellow-bricks.com/2010/10/11/its-a-bloggers-lab-vmworld/)


it's a bloggers lab vmworld

To be continued…


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