VMworld Europe 2010 Copenhagen first Impression

Today I travelled to Copenhagen to attend VMworld Europe. After a stressful drive with the car – due to heavy traffic – I managed to get just on time for the flight. The landing was a bit of a surprise because of the heavy fog we could’nt see the landing strip from within the aircraft, but we made it!

After claiming my luggage I went outside and was pleasantly surprised to see the VMworld 2010 shuttles to the Bella Center where still operating even though it was 19:00.


The registration desk was also still open, so I decided to pick up my badge right away, not a good idea I found out later on, the nice lady behind the desk wasn’t experienced yet in choosing the right bag, now I’m stuck with the wrong bag and have to get up in line again tomorrow. Nice thing though was the free 4-day transportation (metro/bus/train) pass.


After the badge pickup I went outside and shot some pictures on the way out.


Leaving on Sunday hmmm…


Outside on my way to the Hotel



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