Ranked 50, thank you for voting!

Last week I blogged about the voting contest around the top 25 virtualization blogs. Yesterday Eric Siebert announced the top 25 in a video/teleconference: vChat nr 8 together with John Troyer (VMware), Simon Seagrave (EMC) and David Davis (Train Signal).

A couple of hours after the video was launched on the net, the whole list (top 25 and the rest) was published at Eric Siebert’s vsphere-land.com.

Last January there were 66 blogs participating and about 700 votes cast. In last weeks vote the number of blogs participating raised to 115 and the number of votes increased to 860 votes.

In January I ended up on the 40th place, now with over 50 extra blogs competing I managed to stay in the top 50 even though my frequency of blogging dropped a bit.

SNAG- 28-9-2010 23.04.01

So a big THANK YOU for those who voted for my blog in his/her top 10!

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