Release Quest vWorkspace 7.1


Quest released Quest vWorkspace 7.1. In this new release it introduces WAN acceleration (EOP Xtream) a piece of (patented) technology to accelerate RDP and EOP traffic on WAN links. This feature is enabled with RDP-pass-through mode by default (port 3389) so no extra firewall configuration is required.

Other enhancements in this version are:

  • advanced integration with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • Support for Microsoft differencing disks (SCVMM integration)
  • Workload evaluators for Hyper-V Hosts
    You can now load balance between multiple host servers in one desktop group, using customized workload evaluators.
  • Expanded Sysprep support
    • The ability to Sysprep an SCVMM virtual computer using the
    vWorkspace Sysprep Customization wizard has been added with
    this release.
    • The Sysprep process for Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Vista,
    and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 computers can now be
    completed by the Sysprep Customizations wizard, no longer
    requiring you to alter and import an unattend.xml file.
    • The alternative method for initiating Sysprep on VMware
    computers has been added to the Sysprep Customization wizard
    as the Execution Mode setting
  • RemoteApp support
    Microsoft RemoteApp support for Hyper-V virtual desktops and RD
    Session Hosts/Terminal Servers has been added enabling the
    publishing of individual applications using Microsoft’s RemoteApp
    technology on access devices.
  • Flash redirection (improved)
  • USB redirection (now also for x64 versions of MS Windows)
  • vWorkspace Connector for Java (new name, added graphic acceleration)
  • vWorkspace Management Console (several improvements)
  • Deferred Authentication
    Pass-through enabled for specific windows/applications when not authenticated to allow a user to change it’s password when it becomes expired
  • Optional One-Session-Per-User within a Farm
    This feature is important in healthcare for moving between stations
    without disconnecting the session.
  • Support for Microsoft Application Virtualization
    Microsoft Application Virtualization APP-V 4.6 is now supported
  • Internet Explorer Redirection (Experimental)
    Redirects IE-traffic from the server to the client (PNtools have to be installed + a couple of reg-entries)

Watch a demo of the new EOP Xtream here (click picture):


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