VMware Community Roundtable about VMware View 4


Tonight I joined the VMware Community Roundtable Podcast at Talkshoe. During the podcast I’ve been taking notes from the audio stream and the chat so I thought why not share these notes with you.

It was a very interesting podcast tonight with a lot of questions, which unfortunately could not be addressed all during this hour. The main guest of tonight was John Dodge (@VDIInfo on twitter), Services Architect at VMware.

VMware is expecting to get Offline desktop production ready in next release of VMware View (4.5).  In the next release “Offline Desktop” will be called “Local mode”.

The release of CVP (Client Virtualization Platform or Client Hypervisor) depends on the intel vPro processor, several vendors like Dell have adopted this. In the initial release the use of only one (1) vm will be implemented, in a later release it will be possible to run 2 (or more?) VM’s. CVP will not be in the next release, yet.

Future of View Portal is changing, the portal will be a place to get the view client. Connecting through the portal as it is now will be dropped as a future feature. Question I asked as a reaction on the future purpose of the view portal was if that means that using the internet cafe with the portal will not be possible anymore? In the chat the suggestion of a thinapped View Client was mentioned, the answer unfortunately did not make the podcast.

Linux virtual desktops are not on the roadmap just yet according to John Dodge.

Q: What is RTO profiles significance? A: The ideal desktop is persistent in behaviour but not in connection, so very significant. Make a non-persistent desktop look like a persistent desktop.

The other RTO products are going to be integrated into other VMware products.

My opinion is that profile virtualization is a absolute necessity when using large scale VDI (non persistent) desktops, at the moment I see combinations in the market with other products like Scense and RES Powerfuse.

The key factor for providing desktops today (New World Of Work/ “Het Nieuwe Werken”) is to have your desktop available anytime/anyplace/anywhere and device independent.

Carter Shanklin, VMware’s powershell “chief”, preached at the London VMUG and revealed there that View 4.5 will be manageable through PowerCLI.

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