Highlights 5th DutchVMUG event

Opening Viktor van den Berg

11th December 2009 the Official Dutch Vmware Usergroup (VMUG) took place in Nieuwegein’s Business Center (NBC). Viktor van den Berg started by opening the event with a welcome and an overview of the past events.


Video message Steve Herrod

At the end of Viktor’s welcome speech, there was a video message by Steve Herrod CTO of VMware in which Steve spoke a few words to the crowd.

Steve Herrod

Steve handed the the microphone over to Richard Gartshagen senior evangelist at VMware.

Keynote Richard Garsthagen

Richard Garsthagen started with the Keynote in which he explained VMwares change of the logo: virtualization is not the main focus anymore, but the management of it is.


Fault Tolerance originated from the record and replay feature developers at VMware first shipped with Workstation, FT will probably be expanded to be able to prevent or to do automatic fast recovers i.e. blue screens.

Richard also mentioned vCenter ConfigControl that is will become available in 2010. vCenter ConfigControl is an application that tracks changes in your virtual environment.
From the VMware site:

vCenter ConfigControl automatically discovers configurations, dependencies and compliance across your environment, including all virtual configuration elements. This intelligence puts historical and real-time data at your fingertips with powerful search, modeling and contextual visualization.

Last but not least Richard pointed us to the new VMware knowledge base TV (VMware KBTV) where you can watch video instructions on the KB topic…


and to the Dutch VMware webinar that is hosted every Friday morning at 10:00 http://vmware.xfl.nl a free Dutch spoken webinar.


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