Release: Quest vWorkspace Mac AppPortal

Quest just released the Quest vWorkspace Mac AppPortal.

Michel Roth twittered/blogged on the Quest Blog:


Just a quick note that we recently released our Quest vWorkspace Mac AppPortal. This is a full vWorkspace AppPortal client meaning that you can run it using Quest vWorkspace Web Access, as the native AppPortal app and in Desktop Integrated mode. Next to that this incarnation of the vWorkspace AppPortal for Mac has a pretty decent feature set:

• Creating and editing connections; saving them to and loading from a persistent storage (disk database).
• Retrieving application lists from the broker.
• Launching applications in an RDP session.
• Sharing RDP sessions for new applications when a session is already running (session sharing).
• Password management.
• Desktop Integration mode.
• RDP apps auto launch.
• Custom resolution.
• Sound redirection.
• RDP experience.
• Graphics Acceleration.
• Printer mappings.
• Drive mappings.

The client is available for download by logging into and from

Very Interesting to see an active approach for Mac, which installbase is growing.

Especially in colleges the Mac is much used computer brand and as a branch education has high potential for VDI solutions: lot’s of users and a strong use case for BYOPC (Bring Your Own PC).

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