Overview TCP UDP ports used by VMware apps


For some time now I am busy converting (P2V) old windows servers (NT4 & 2000). Because the hosts are in a different subnet compared to the P2V candidates and behind a firewall, it took me some time to gather all used ip ports from different documents.

I was happily surprised to see a new article on the VMware blog covering the commonly used ports used by ESX, vCenter and more. VMware released a KB-article with the TCP and UDP Ports for vCenter Server, ESX hosts, and other network components management access:

VMware Consolidated Backup
VMware Converter
VMware Data Recovery
VMware ESX
VMware ESXi
VMware View Manager
VMware Virtual Desktop Manager
VMware VirtualCenter
VMware vCenter Lab Manager
VMware vCenter Orchestrator
VMware vCenter Server
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
VMware vCenter Stage Manager
VMware vCenter Update Manager

Services and agents commonly present in a vSphere environment
CIM HTTP server (insecure service)
CIM HTTPS server
FTP client (insecure service)
FTP server (insecure service)
iSCSI software client
NFS client (insecure service)
NFS server (insecure service)
NIS client
NTP client
SMB client (insecure service)
SNMP server
SSH client
SSH server
Syslog client
Telnet client (insecure service)Telnet server (insecure service)

Link to KB article:


Source: VMware blog

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