Announced: VMware View 4.0


Today VMware officially announces VMware View 4.0 with a marketing launch and a new rebranded website.

So what’s so special about this new version of VMware’s Virtual Desktop Solution?

The main focus is on user experience and therefore in the new software version Teradici’s PC over IP (PCOIP) protocol is included.

With VMware View 4 PCOIP the solution now delivers:

  • Rich Media & Graphics (new)
  • Multimedia Redirection (improved feature)
  • Progressive build of Graphics (new)
  • Multi monitor support (max 4)
  • Support for PCOIP hardware (Teradici chips & host cards)
  • Better WAN support claimed (up to 250 ms Latency)
  • Audio redirection
  • ClearType font

Other improvements

  • Support for vSPhere (View 3 not supported on vSphere (due to composer))
  • Support for Windows 7 (experimental) at least the OS is now recognized
  • Improved Single Sign On
  • Support for Windows Server 2008 AD
  • VPN Tunneling – Support for Cisco VPN Soft client
  • RDP virtual channel compatibility for USB redirection
  • VMware VMsafe now also available for desktops (vSphere feature in combination with 3rd party vendor products)
  • Thin Provisioning available (with vSphere)


VMware also announced that the product will be Generally Available (GA) next week (November 16, 2009), so no downloading yet…

But enough reading to do, see link at the top.

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