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Yesterday we had a meeting with Danny Claproth and Jan-Willem Koppers from Quest/Vizioncore about their products. I intended to do a short wrap-up here about it until I saw the blog post of fellow bloggers at VMguru_NL. They apparently had the same meeting in the morning and gave a good summary in their post which more or less also summarizes the highlights of our meeting in the afternoon.

Some additional highlights from our session:

  • More and more products from Vizioncore are becoming powershell enabled
  • vRanger (pro) 4.1 DPP now RTM and GA shortly (Tyler Jewel)
    vRanger Pro (backup/restore/disaster recovery) contains a new scheduler (no windows scheduler anymore)that optimizes scheduling and reduces your backup window. Because it is now a direct-to-target architecture there is no need to move data from a source to a proxy and then on to a target anymore. Now instant-file-level-restore, which means that there is no need to mount the archive or to restore a complete VM. You can now browse archives as easy as network shares.
  • vFoglight 6 (monitoring) available soon (also as virtual appliance) and with SCOM integration (cartridge)
  • vControl: a nice product to create workflows and automate common tasks
    for example:
    >Update/remediate hosts and automatically discovers vm’s with snapshots/cd-drives connected and apply/disconnect them through the use of powershell.<
    This is all free! Another feature which requires a license is the self service provisioning module that enables your users to automatically provision VMs
  • vConverter is now free, cool feature:
    “Synchronized cutover”
    A preplanned cutover allows P2V conversion, test the process and then synchronize source and target systems before the final cutover, while continuing to run the source system.
    The feature “Incremental Replication for Disaster Recovery (Continuous Protection)” is a licensed feature (not free).
  • vReplicator version (bugfix) was released a couple of days ago

Here is the snap from VMGuru_NL post:

This morning we had a meeting with Vizioncore/Quest. Danny Claproth and Jan-Willem Koppers informed us on their complete range of vProducts.

Vizioncore offers a wide range of products which add additional features or deliver VMware-like features. I’ve not had very much time to test their products yet but I knew most of them by name and function. After attending Danny’s presentation I will definitely make time to check out their neat products.

The ones I will definitely check out are vFoglight, vOptimizer, vConverter and of course Virtualization EcoShell.

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