VMware launched VMware Go


VMware announced “VMware Go”. VMware Go is a solution aiming at the SMB market and tries to get a grip at the SMBs with a cloud type approach.

As VMware describes it:

VMware Go is a Cloud based application that enables you get up and running with VMware virtualization in a completely automated fashion. Developed in partnership with Shavlik Technologies, LLC to provide you with the latest in automated VM focused management.


This is not the first partnership with Shavlik, Shavlik was also responsible for the Update Manager add-in for vCenter.

In three steps you can get a environment up and running and managed:

  1. Create a new ESXi Server
    VMware Go™ can easily install a new ESXi server. Once up and running you’ll be able to add VMs and build your VM environment.
  2. Add VMs to an Existing ESXi Server
    It’s easy to discover existing ESXi servers that you already have and use VMware Go™ to add VMs and manage your existing ESXi environment.
  3. Manage ESXis and VMs
    The "Manage ESXis/VMs" control panel allows you to make changes to your VM environment from one easy to use web interface.

Other pages about VMware Go:

The home of VMware Go: https://go.vmware.com/default.aspx

Eric Sloof’s explanation: http://www.ntpro.nl/blog/archives/1249-VMware-Go-Join-the-Beta-Now!.html

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