VCP With vSphere… Upgrade Time

With the introduction of the new version of ESX called vSphere, the time has come to upgrade your certification to this new level. Pretty soon after vSphere becomes GA the exam for this new version of ESX will be made available.

In order to become VCP on vSphere you still have to complete a mandatory instructor lead course. For existing VCP’s on VI3 (or VI3.5) this means you will have to complete the “What’s new in vSphere course”, a two day course.

However during the first nine months after GA, current VI3 VCP’s are eligible to only complete the exam without attending a what’s new course.

I heard something about the second quarter of this year (April) as point in time when the GA of vSphere will be.

Below is a picture containing the various upgrade paths depending on your VCP level and course attendance. (the nine month period not included)

Path to VCP on vSphere

Wrote it some time ago, but now vSphere is launched it was time to made it public.

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