Release: Veeam Monitor 4



Veeam today officially released Veeam Monitor version 4 which is ready to monitor VMware vSphere 4.




So what’s new in Veeam Monitor 4?

  • vSphere support – now supports vCenter 4 controlled esx (i) 4 hosts
  • Storage monitoring – full storage monitoring capabilities including disk space, disk issues and data store I/O monitoring.
  • Hardware monitoring – monitoring physical hardware sensor information through CIM/SMASH
  • Process monitoring & management – monitor true performance at process level inside VMs (Linux or Windows)
  • Scheduled Reporting – automation the creation of reports, also VM uptime reports have been added
  • Improved performance – the performance of the data collector has improved and Monitor is now more scalable to make it more reliable for larger environments.
  • And some more enhancements…

For more details check the special what’s new sheet Veeam created, on which the previous points are based.

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