VMware launches VMware vSphere 4! part 1

Tuesday April 21 VMware released the fourth generation of it’s flagship with a new name:

vmware vsphere4

VMware vSphere 4

This version claims to be the first operating system for building the internal cloud.

Some stats:

  • 2x the number of virtual processors per virtual machine (from 4 to 8 )
  • 2.5x more virtual NICs per virtual machine (from 4 to 10)
  • 4x more memory per virtual machine (from 64 GB to 255GB)
  • 3x increase in network throughput (from 9 Gb/s to 30Gb/s)
  • 3x increase in the maximum recorded I/O operations per second (to over 300,000)
  • New maximum recorded number of transactions per second –  8,900But there is more…
  • For that evening VMware arranged a special launch event with a webcast (or simulcast as they called it) with VMware’s CEO Paul Maritz. A lot has changed with this new version, but more on this in part two.

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