Vizioncore soon to release vControl

Vizioncore (Quest) will release vControl in May 2009.

As Vizioncore say’s in her newsletter “VirtualVizion”:

vControl is a multi-hypervisor virtual machine (VM) management solution that provides self-service provisioning, multi-VM control and task-based automation to reduce VM administration costs and improve consistency.

vControl lets VM consumers build and deploy VMs for themselves, while providing administrators a single interface for task-based administration of VMs.  Furthermore, vControl allows organizations to automate manual and repetitive tasks, helping to reduce VM administration costs, improve management consistency and enable an affordable solution for high availability (HA) in the data center.

Another management solution for VM administration. Reminds me to put another item on the planning list: comparison of administration utilities for Virtual Infrastructures.

Very curious how this will work and what the performance of the product is – i.e. user experience. We will see what the future brings us..

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  1. Serra M

    A VM management solution that we really like is the VDI works virtual desktop platform. The fact that it allows us to manage hyper-V and VM ESX in one environment is a pretty big convenience. Since we are running a virtual desktop environment, VDI works physical management and thin client management was one of the key factors that pointed us in that direction. I definitely think vendor-independent VM management will become very key in most IT environments.

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