Release: VMware Fusion 2.0.3


VMware released a new maintenance release on their VMware Fusion product for the Apple Mac: version 2.0.3. This is a free downloadable update for Fusion 1.x and 2.x users.



It contains a few updates:

  • (driver less) Printing works again
    (on Mac OS X 10.5.6 after Apple Security Update 2009-001 it broke down)
  • Runs on the latest in 2009 released Apple Computers (Mac Pro, iMAC & Mac mini’s). There are however some issues with 3D option with “non-default” ATI graphic cards, recommendation there is to turn it off until further notice.
  • Experimental support for Mac OSX snow leopard Server as Guest!

There are some issues with the latest Mac Pro with Quad-core Nehalem processors. Please refer to the release notes to see information about these issues and about other updates.

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