Release Vkernel Capacity Analyzer 4.0

capacity analyzer

VKernel just released Capacity Analyzer 4.0. Capacity Analyzer shows bottlenecks in hosts, clusters, resource pools and VMs. Looking at the release notes it does not seem this is a very major release. It seems Vkernel took the opportunity of the vSphere release to bring out a new version with a version number in line with the just released VMware vSphere 4.

What’s new in this release:

New Features

  • [VK–1764] — WHY explanations to CCB and FCB were added. Now it is shown WHICH VMs are causing or will cause the problem
  • [VK–2177] — Disk command latency and disk queue latency counters, reports and alerts were added
  • [VK–2299] — User Management functionality was added
  • [VK–2707] — Collection of VM partitions free/used space information and appropriate capacity reports for allocated space utilization were implemented

Next to these new features there are some improvements and bug fixes explained in the release notes on


  1. Hi Gerben

    The big stuff in CA 4.0 is root cause analysis and recommendations. In prior versions Capacity Analyzer could identify bottlenecks in cpu, storage, storage i/o and memory. Now it not only identifies current and predicts future bottlenecks, it tells VMware admins what is or will cause the bottlenecks and even more importantly what to do to fix the problems

    Hope this helps

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