Release: Microsoft ships MED-V through new MDOP version

MED-V mdop

Microsoft releases Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization.

MED-V is now available to customers with the new version of MS Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) for customers with Software Assurance.

MED-V provides deployment and management of virtual Windows desktops to enable key enterprise scenarios. MED-V 1.0 helps enterprises upgrade to the latest version of Windows even when some applications are not yet compatible. MED-V builds on top of Microsoft Virtual PC to run two operating systems on one device, adding virtual image delivery, policy-based provisioning and centralized management.

MED-V is a spin-off from the acquisition of Kidaro by Microsoft in March 2008.

Also in this new version of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack is the update to APP-V 4.5 (formerly known as Softgrid) which also supports the Windows 7 Beta.

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