LAB11 The VI Toolkit Lab


The setup at the labs was rather nice, not specially this LAB but all LABs where set up the same. The setup contained a thin client (HP) and two tft monitors, one for doing the lab excersises and one turned on it’s side used for displaying the LAB manual in PDF. Besides the thin client, it was also possible to bring your own laptop making use of a View-desktop (VDI) to run the labs.

A major logistic operation it was. First there was an empty parking garage, a huge empty space with all concrete pillars etc., then you had a couple of guys and gals that went like crazy and before you know it you have carpet lying on the floor and the spaced filled with chairs, tables, thin clients, monitors and last but not least an impressive server room loaded with racks containing storage and servers from several different manufacturers.

The hands-on-labs were very popular this year, queues were a frequently seen situation, even with the self-paced format this year. Enough of the general part.

The VI toolkit LAB was one of the popular labs at VMworld Europe 2009. Powershell in general was very popular, the breakout sessions were very well visited as well. That’s why I am very delighted to have found out that the LAB manual of LAB 11 about the VI toolkit has made it as a online download already. Carter Shanklin has been so kind to publish it on the little powershell corner on VMware’s website. You can download it at: Download VI Toolkit Lab — VMworld Europe 2009.

Besides this manual Maish summarized the examples from the powershell hands on lab in this post: “A (tiny) bit of Powershell”. These examples display day-to-day operations in powershell.

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