How to add Windows 7 to VMware View

For some time now I have VMware View running and with the Windows 7 BETA being available I tried to add Windows 7 to VMware View. Since I already created a VM with Windows 7 on my laptop in Vmware Workstation, I imported that VM in Virtual Center and saved some work.

After the conversion/import of the VM was completed I tried to add it to VMware View with the VMware View administrator.
Unfortunately Windows 7 was not recognized as an Client Operating System and therefore could not be added. So I asked myself how does VMware View know that it isn’t (or thinks that isn’t) an Client OS?

VMware View communicates with Virtual Center so properties of a VM are communicated from Virtual Center to VMware View. So the solution is in making VMware View think it deals with a supported OS!

To make Windows 7 available in VMware View you have to change the guest OS-type in Virtual Center/ESX to an OS that is recognized as an compatible guest client OS. For the Windows 7 VM I changed the guest type in Virtual Center from “Other” to “Windows” with version “Windows Vista 64-bit”. See screenshot:


After I changed the OS type and version I was able to add the VM to VMware View.



  1. Gerben,

    Great Tip! Were you able to install the View Agent into the WIN7 VM?


  2. Gerben

    Hi Carlo, thanks for your visit! I’ve indeed been able to install the agent into the WIN7 VM, unfortunately the View Client does not like an install in Windows 7. With vSphere even the vSphere client does not like to be installed onto it either. There is a (dirty) workaround for the last one by the way. Gerben

  3. Jason

    Do you happen to have the steps available you used to get the VMWare View Agent 3.1 installed on the actual Windows 7 virtual machine?

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