VMworld Europe 2009 Keynote Tuesday

The number of attendees of this years VMworld Europe grew to 4700, that’s 200 more than last year, given the difficult economical times this shows how important virtualization is today.

Now that I’m writing this post I realize I really don’t want to repeat myself. Why might you ask? This is why, this Keynote session was more or less the same session as the session the partners saw yesterday. The main difference between the keynote’s is that today’s keynote had more demo’s and more partners squeezed in. One other difference I noticed and some other attendees with me is that it seemed that Paul Maritz was a bit nervous in front of such a big audience because of the vibration in his voice, but hey I would be nervous also.

So just a little then with some complementary photo shots I took today:

Again today the three pillars are being addressed:

  1. VDC-OS
  2. vCloud
  3. vClient

VDC-OS was addressed as some sort of meta-operating system. Today again vSphere was mentioned in public for the first time.

One of the important subjects this week will be the cloud. It is all about scaling up easy whether it is internal or external. Letting go the idea of servers and moving to resource pools, an aggregation of CPU cycles, memory and storage.

Last but not least vClient and the “vClient initiative” will be addressed as a client hypervisor will be introduced, for this VMware is working closely with Intel.

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