Release: VKernel Chargeback 1.4

VKernel released Chargeback 1.4. Chargeback 1.4 is a virtual appliance that gives you insight in the cost aspect. To be more specific: using chargeback 1.4 you can see how much resources are being used and what it costs.

With Chargeback 1.4 you will be able to charge a user of a VM based on the actual resources a VM consumed, a so called Resource consumption model.

New in Chargeback 1.4:


  • [VK–2153] — Navigation through tree items was improved
  • [VK–2269] — Memory System Requirements were changed to 2GB
  • [VK–2363] — Added capability to track unexpected runtime errors in UI
  • [VK–2811] — Added more currencies for chargeback reports

Fixed Bugs

  • [VK–2014] — Total units consumed were not correctly calculated for Custom Fields
  • [VK–2017] — We shouldn’t generate chargeback reports if Customer has no objects or there is no data
  • [VK–2131] — Do not use progress bar in the “Working…” dialog since it’s not a real progress bar
  • [VK–2132] — Wrong Unit values were fixed in CSV reports
  • [VK–2141] — An error would appear if Custom Field name contained one of these symbols: “ ? ”, “ * ” , “ $ ”, “ ^ ”, “ + ”, “ \ ”, “ ( ”
  • [VK–2687] — Specifying of a bad ESX/VC import list doesn’t lead to an unexpected error now
  • [VK–2744] — Save in PDF/Export to CSV buttons disappeared after scrolling down a CB report and then pointing at them
  • [VK–2779] — If scheduled task was not finished successfully then an error alert could be not send
  • [VK–2824] — Chargeback 1.4 Beta EE used wrong sources to update

Known Issues

  • [VK–1959] — There is no Vertical ScrollBar for generated “Chargeback report” in IE6
  • [VK–2401] — A JavaScript error can happen if two appliances are connected to the same DB and a contextual menu is opened for some object in one appliance which has been deleted in the other appliance
  • [VK–2684] — The initial collect against some VMs can fail if the appliance is updated when the initial collect runs
  • [VK–2694] — The initial collect has always ‘Collecting Data…’ status if it is not a DB owner in the Multi–Appliances mode
  • [VK–2717] — An ‘Unresponsive script’ warning can be shown in Firefox 3 if a Custom Group is created by adding of all VMs from Virtual Environment. You need to change “dom.max_script_run_time” value from ‘10’ to ‘20’ on the about:config page.
  • [VK–2840] — The Historical Storage data is not migrated from Chargeback 1.3.4 due to serious change of data collection algorithm in v 1.4

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