Release: VKernel Capacity Analyzer 3.1

VKernel announced the latest version of Capacity Analyzer version 3.1.

VKernel provides this product in a virtual appliance which helps an easy and quick operation of the products. Capacity Analyzer will point out current and future issues in your virtual environment regarding resource utilization.

New in this release:


  • [VK–2182] — Am “Overview” tab was added to the Dashboard to display TOP–5 objects from Current and Future Bottlenecks, Capacity availability and Top Consumers tabs
  • [VK–2740] — CA performance was improved
  • [VK–2831] — The default thresholds were changed

Fixed Bugs

  • [VK–2639] — CA 3.0 GUID was fixed
  • [VK–2648] — Conflicting UI of “Scheduled Task Results” and “Alert log ” windows was fixed
  • [VK–2664] — If host is selected, CCB doesn’t show now VMs from other hosts within the same cluster
  • [VK–2722] — Reports are now generated by right click in TRC
  • [VK–2731] — Explanation report is correct now for “Memory future bottlenecks’ calculation
  • [VK–2815] — Explanation report shows correct Storage availability now

Known Issues

  • [VK–2637] — There could be N/A for “Disk Bus Resets” & “Disk Commands Aborted” for some VMs in Dashboard
  • [VK–2638] — If a resource pool contains only turned off VMs, its Cpu Ready=N/A and IO Wait=N/A
  • [VK–2400] — Future Capacity Bottlenecks table doesn’t show any info for some connections if another connection doesn’t have enough data to the moment
  • [VK–2470] — UI Tree is empty for some time right after CA launching in web browser
  • [VK–2694] — The initial collect has always ‘Collecting Data…’ status if it is not a DB owner in the Multi–Appliances mode
  • [VK–2837] — The Current Capacity Dashboard can show more than 100% of Storage usage when some of the Storages is temporarily inactive
  • [VK–2846] — A “Could not execute query” error can be shown on try to generate “Storage — Percent Utilization” report when some of the Storages is temporarily inactive

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