Brain Madden storms over VMworld Europe

Brian Madden & Jeroen

Brian Madden & Jeroen

It’s no secret that Brain Madden is the person to talk to about Terminal Services and Citrix. Now it was time for his unbiased and uncensored take on VDI.

He compared 10-year old sheets of Citrix with current VMware marketing as they just described SBC in general and weren’t VDI exclusive (Management, access, security and performance). Making his point with worldwide knowledge of Terminal Services, 80 million users and even cost efficiency leaving VDI with only some future features that would challenge TS.

Another aspect of this presentation was the hype-driven vPeople basically meaning young and trendy (marihuana smoking) kids and the stiff business people representing TS giving the attendees a good laugh while making his points.

Leaving not much of the VDI arguments at the end he predicted the next few years of technology would change dramatically making them both competitive and providing opportunities for competing terminal based solutions.

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