Vmworld Europe Business Case (for a blogger)

vmworld europe 2009

Vmworld Europe 2009 is around the corner. The period of time we live in right now is difficult (Credit-crisis etc.). People might find it difficult to write a good business case to justify their attendance.

I like to share some items you can use in your motivation, here is a short list so you can wrtie your own motivation.

  1. THE event
    VMworld Europe 2009 is THE virtualization event in Europe
    Multi-vendor approach, all important virtualization vendors are present.
  2. News aggregation
    New innovations & technology announced/presented.
  3. Network
    The networking event to get in touch (meet personally) with vendors, specialists from VMware, current & past customers and of course fellow bloggers.
  4. Partner
    When your company is recognized as a partner you will have the opportunity to attend the partner day. More info at the partner site
  5. Education/Career
    In one week you have the opportunity to consume an enormous amount of knowledge which exceeds any available training. Also mention the hands-on labs that will be available. Besides that adding the attendance of such an event to your resume may be benificial too.
  6. Knowledge management
    Knowledge management is an important subject a lot of companies are struggling with, as a blogger you can participate in sharing knowledge from vmworld to both insiders(employees) as well as outsiders(the rest of the world) by giving live coverage of the event. Organizing technology update events (internal/external) afterwards is an option too.
  7. Third party
    As a consultant you’re expected to know what the market offers you. Internet is a helpful resource, but at this event all important third party vendors are present and most of them are most willing to give demonstrations and answer questions about their products. So attending this event broadens your scope and mind.

So far the benefits. The next part is about the costs. If you’re lucky enough you will be sponsored by VMware for the event. In this part you will have to make the costs visible. Break it up in parts:
– event fee
– travel expenses
– accomodation

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