Release: VKernel SearchMyVM 2.0


VKernel today released version 2 of SearchMyVM, the free “Google-like” search utility that quickly helps you find information within your rapidly expanding VMware ESX environments. This new version includes the #1 feature you asked for — the ability to export searches to CSV format reports that you can print, email, and use to quickly document your infrastructure.

SearchMyVM instantly deploys exactly like each one of VKernel’s virtual appliances. With a “Google-like” search interface, you can quickly run queries to find the info you are looking for. Some examples include:

  • Show me all VMs that have snapshots – important because snapshots can take up a huge amount of disk space
  • Show me all VMs that have a CD-ROM drive attached – VMotion and DRS will not work if a CD drive is mounted
  • Show me all VMs that have old versions of VMtools installed – extremely hard to keep track of in growing environments

It’s free and available for download here

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