Release: VKernel Capacity Analyzer 3.0


VKernel just released Capacity Analyzer 3.0. In addition to showing bottlenecks in hosts, clusters, and resource pools, it now shows bottlenecks in VMs — both inside and outside of VMs. Even small environments have hundreds of VMs, causing ongoing monitoring and finding problems in each individual VM to be very time consuming.

Capacity Analyzer 3.0 sorts through them to show the most problematic VMs first, so you can quickly see which VMs are having current performance problems. With predictive analytics, we also identify which VMs will have performance problems and when, so that you can take necessary proactive measures. Download and try Capacity Analyzer 3.0 here in your environment.

We have also made over 20 improvements and fixes in Capacity Analyzer 3.0. For example, the new UI is now tabbed-based making it easier and faster to find the information you need.

The 14-day free trial of the fully functional, production ready Capacity Analyzer 3.0 is now ready for download

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