VMware goes Mobile

Recently VMware announced VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP). After introducing vCloud and the vClient initiative, VMware is entering the mobile market. A for VMware new type of hypervisor based on a non-x86 architecture like MIPS and ARM processor architecture has been added to the portfolio.

Some time ago VMware acquired a company called TRANGO Virtual Processors which develops a hypervisor using paravirtualization for use with Mobile devices (embedded software). VMware positions it as a mobile (handheld) device solution, Trango on their website also mentions the automotive industry as a possible benifitiator.


The strategy behind the hypervisor for mobile devices is to stimulate the application development on mobile platforms by shortening the time to market through seperating the hardware from the OS & applications.

Besides the stimulation of mobile app development the possibility of running two different and isolated profiles next to each other is a strong selling point. This way corporate and personal configurations of the mobile device can run next to each other on the same mobile device. From security and manageability point of view this is an interesting feature for businesses dealing with questions wether or not to allow mobile devices on their (wireless) network. Using a specific business profile controlled by the business in a way reduces risks.

Looking into the future and combining it with techniques like VDI(offline desktop) or ACE this is a huge step in mobile device management and control. It will make it possible for the user to use a device how he/she likes (personal profile) and on the other hand (company profile) complying to rules and settings issued by the company by running an (always) up to date profile/vm.

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