Pano Logic delivers first windows native VDI solution

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Pano Logic a delivers a "zero software, all hardware" client solution as they call it. Pano Logic is a developer of a server-based desktop virtualization solution.
On november 17th Pano Logic announced Pano Virtual Desktop Solution (VDS) 2.5. VDS is a three piece concept.
  1. A piece of hardware (client device) without chips (software) that resides on the desktop of the user and is connected to external devices such as keyboard/mouse/video and to the network.
  2. On the server side there is a Pano Manager. A web-based management interface, deployed on your VMware VI3 infrastructure which enables administrators to automate virtual desktop deployment by integrating with existing directory services and VMware Virtual Center.
  3. A Pano Desktop Service which is a lightweight service residing within each Windows desktop virtual machine that links peripherals attached to the Pano device to the unmodified native Windows drivers.

In the new version Pano said goobye to the Microsoft RDP-protocol and delivers a near native windows experience.

Pano VDS 2.5 is now available with pricing starting at $300 for a single Pano desktop.


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