IBM Acquires Transitive

Transitive—Cross-Platform Virtualization Leader
I had the pleasure to meet the guys of Transitive in february this year on VMworld Europe, they had a giveaway each day where they organized a prizedraw for an apple notebook because they introduced the Rosetta Software with which you can run POWERPC apps on your x86 (Apple) hardware. Transitive’s QuickTransit cross-platform virtualization solutions allow applications created for one CPU and OS to run on different platforms without modifications to source code or binaries.
Yesterday IBM announced the plans to acquire of Transitive. This acquisition is part of IBM’s strategy to help clients optimize the efficiency and productivity of their computing infrastructure and improve the utilization of the servers that run them. With this translation technology, along with existing migration capabilities, IBM systems give businesses a faster, easier path for server consolidation to reduce operational expenses, floorspace and energy costs.

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