Catching up…

It has been a while since I posted here. In the meantime the world moved on and so did I.

To catch up I prepared a little summary of what I think were important or appealing news facts in the period between now and the last time I posted.

  • VMware released VMware ThinApp 4.0
    The installation of the product is covered here, and the new feature called "application link" that VMware added on top of the Thinstall product is explained here. Thanks to
  • The Open Virtual machine Format (OVF) standard is now adopted by Citrix and Microsoft
  • Veeam Software known for its FastSCP file management software rapidly expanded in the last twelve months announced the acquisition of nworks. nworks delivered solutions (Enterprise Management Connectors) to integrate the monitoring of the virtual environment in your legacy monitoring product like Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM 2005) / Service Center Operations Manager (SCOM 2007) and HP Operations Manager. More…
  • Microsoft releases Offline Virtual Machine Servicing tool (power on/power off virtual network)sysprepped vm’s ?!
  • Diane Greene leaves VMware, Greene was immediately replaced with a Microsoft veteran, Paul Maritz, just arrived at EMC
  • VMware price increase by 10% starting sep 2 2008
  • After VMware also Citrix announced a price increase with 10% starting September 1 2008
  • VMware to offer it’s Hypervisor for free (ESXi)
  • VMware now officially announces new training and certification program (VCDX)
  • VMware launched a Powershell scripting contest "VMware Powershell Scripting Contest" to promote the VI Toolkit; Grand Prize is a free trip (yes airfare included) to VMworld 2008 Las Vegas
  • The guys at Xtravirt released another whitepaper about VI 3 in a box, the whitepaper contains the instructions on how to install ESX 3.5 Update 2 on Workstation 6.5 BETA, Build 99530 and run a fully working Virtual Infrastructure. Whitepaper can be found here
  • Eric Sloof at published about Danny Kort launching the website Danny publishes all sorts of configurations and parts that are ‘willing’ to run ESX in order to be able create an affordable playground/test environment at home for VI3/ESX.
  • published most of the agenda of the Virtualization Congress event
  • VMware released the long awaited new version of Lab Manager, version 3.0. This new version integrates with Virtual Center (no LM agents anymore on the hosts). And works very well so no worries about conflicting agents anymore. With the previous version of Lab Manager you were bound to ESX 3.02 because ESX 3.5 wasn’t supported (It simply did not work!) With Lab Manager version 3.0 the latest version of ESX (3.5) now is supported.
  • Platform Computing, the global leader in High Performance Computing (HPC) management software, has announced the next version of its virtual environment management product for the enterprise data center, Platform VM Orchestrator (VMO) 4. Platform VMO 4 provides faster delivery of virtual computer environments to end users while optimizing resource utilization, availability, and power consumption, to improve an enterprise’s return on investment from its virtualization environment.  The solution offers a cost-effective enterprise virtualization management solution for Citrix® XenServer™, with support for virtualization platforms from other vendors to be delivered in the coming months.
  • VMware crawl’s through the dust after a major license bug popularly called the "Time bomb" was exposed. This bug causes the license of ESX to expire on 12 August 2008. It affected the recently released version of ESX(i) 3.5  Update 2 (and update 1 with certain specific updates). More info here
  • The immediate fix (update) for the 12 August/Timebomb bug was made available on August 13, the correct versions of ESX 3.5 update 2 will not be available for download until August 14 said VMware.

I hope I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to post more regularly from now on.

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