Release: VMware Stage Manager 1.0

Stage Manager 
Yesterday VMware announced the General Availability of her product VMware Stage Manager.

VMware Stage Manager is a product intended to control an application during the shift from staging into production. VMware Stage Manager solves the problem of server sprawl, configuration drift, and repetitive system testing in pre-production by running IT services and business applications as virtual machine configurations that can be easily transitioned through the release process. VMware Stage Manager allows IT to roll out new and updated applications into production more quickly, avoid the risk of unplanned downtime, and accelerate change requests to production systems.


VMware Stage Manager is available for VMware Infrastructure 3 Standard or Enterprise and can be purchased as part of the VMware Management and Automation and IT Service Delivery bundles, or a-la-carte.

For more info and screenshots of the Beta product take a look at a previous post I made about Stage Manager: Beta Release- VMware Stage Manager 1.0 Beta and on the VMware site:


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