VMware announces availability of new products and bundles

Today I received an email from VMware in which the company made some announcements about the general availability of two products and a new softwarebundle.

On May 12, 2008, the company announced VMware Stage Manager, VMware Site Recovery Manager, VMware IT Service Delivery Pack, and the Management and Automation bundle.


VMware Stage Manager is a breakthrough product for accelerating and automating the delivery of applications from staging to production.


VMware Site Recovery Manager, which is part of VMware’s suite of management and automation products for the datacenter, leverages virtualization to simplify business continuity planning and testing, and reduces the risk and complexity associated with executing disaster recovery.

The VMware IT Service Delivery Bundle includes all the products necessary to automate the entire lifecycle of IT services, from initial request to final retirement: VMware Lifecycle Manager and either VMware Lab Manager or VMware Stage Manager. These products use virtualization to provide a more cost effective and powerful way to manage the entire software lifecycle.

The VMware Management and Automation Bundle provides a single package for addressing both IT Service Delivery and Business Continuity. It includes VMware Lifecycle Manager, VMware Lab Manager, VMware Stage Manager, plus the disaster recovery product VMware Site Recovery Manager, a significant improvement over traditional tools for disaster recovery configuration, testing, and management. All products are available for purchase as of May 19, 2008.


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