Has the price war begun part 2

A week ago I posted an entry quoting the Windows Virtualization blog about the publication of a report by the Yankee Group. Last week I learned that this report contains some factual errors.

The guy’s and gals at VMware did a good job by posting an article about it:

"Therefore, VMware is listing the factual errors and inaccuracies in the report because they distort the true cost and value of VMware’s solution" read further…

Those Darn Details… Issues in Yankee Group’s Virtualization Report

Comparing prices between the different vendors often leads to comparing apples and oranges. If you really want to compare prices the right price to compare is the costs per Virtual Machine, this way the number of vm’s you can run on one piece of hardware will also be taken into account.

Even if you compare prices as described, you should keep in mind that the vendors do not provide equal features in their product portfolios.

Some examples:

  • workload isolation
  • file isolation
  • vm movability between hosts(downtime vs no-downtime)
  • complimentary products
  • storage implementations

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