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Today or better tonight we (my collegue Piet Kiekebos and I) arrived in Cannes, after our plane touched the ground in Nice we catched the last shuttle bus to Cannes (around 23:30). The bus took us to the "Palais de Festivals" in Cannes. From here other shuttle buses took over the hotel visits. Unfortunately the bus to our hotel was retired because of the late hour, so we had to catch a taxi to the hotel. Finally we arrived at our hotel near Cannes after midnight.

At the check-in desk the guy told us that there was no WiFi on the floor we are staying, but we could use a cable connection to a socket on the phone. Somewhat dissapointed we left to our room and of course checked the connection he told us about, just what I was thinking: RJ11 (phone connection). Bummer, so no internet in our room, at least that was what I thought then.

Just neclecting everything the guy at the reception told us I flipped the lid of my laptop and just tried to see if I could connect to the WiFi hotspot. And guess what? I got a signal, not very strong but enough to post.

Here is a first impression: an empty entrance of Palais de Festivals at Sunday evening.


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