Getting ready for VMworld Europe in Cannes, France

Just a couple of days before VMworld Europe starts in Cannes, France. I just did a last check to see if everything is arranged as expected: hotel, flight and event confirmation.

For me the adventure starts next Sunday evening when I have to travel to Schiphol (Amsterdam) to catch the plane towards Nice (Cote D’azur, France). Then on monday the European version of VMworld starts with the partner day in Cannes. Location of the event is Palais de Festivals, the same location as where the famous Filmfestival takes place.


Next from Tuesday through Thursday the main event takes place.


I noticed that there are quite a few collegues attending this event.

I will be blogging as much as possible at VMworld Europe, so if you’re attending too and you spot some guy typing a lot on his DELL laptop, chances are that it’s me writing a blog entry.


vmworld website:


partner day agenda:

alternative timetable 1:

alternative timetable 2:

session abstracts:

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